August 28, 2010

The very beginnings of the exchange programmes are hidden in the mist of the euphoria which spread about after the revolution. There has been a great number of different changes.

At the beginning we communicated only by letters. Unfortunately most of the documents have not been preserved. It took at least a month until a letter arrived. E-mail communication was far-distant future. For some of us it was the first time we used a fax machine

However, what we knot for sure is that at that time TBL teacher Martin Rietbergen got an address of GJJ and sent the first letter to GJJ headmaster Ladislav Šrejbr. In the letter he proposed a meeting of Czech students and TBL students who were visiting Prague and Terezín in April 1990. Mr. Šrejbr agreed (see First letter from GJJ) and suggested April 25 1990 as a day of the meeting. This date might be the magical day when our partnership started.

The first TBL students visited our school and played volleyball there. It was a never-to-be-forgotten encounter, very warm welcome followed by pen-friendship of students and teachers as well. You can ask Rol Bukman, Frits Heckert, Jacob ten Hacken, Martin Rietbergen and Nol van Tiem to confirm. See also second letter from TBL. The Dutch school expressed their wish to meet again in April 1991. The students wanted to stay over in Litoměřice. A new headmaster was appointed at GJJ. His name was Petr Praibiš.