August 28, 2010

Czechoslovaks haven’t had to apply for a Dutch visa since the 1st January 1991. Students and teachers from the TBL arrived to Litoměřice on 3rd May at 18:00. The TBL teachers were: Michael Verhoeven, Roel Bukman, Ko ten Hacken, Remy Albers and Vincent Bots. Then they spent the whole evening in Litoměřice and stayed overnight in the families, the next day they got to know the school, town and surrounding areas, especially in Terezin. Some of us remembered teachers’ dinner in the Luna restaurant including an interesting TV programme. Roel Bukman, Míla Jílek, Jan Lhotský, Monika Protivová, Ko ten Hacken, Hana Pouchová, Michael Verhoeven, Petr Uxa, Jarda Víšek and others were participating on it. Do you remember?