August 28, 2010

The students of GJJ went to Oss in September 1995. Instead of the students of the fourth grades, this year it was the students of third grades who began to participate in the exchange programme. They were accompanied by H. Pouchová, J. Černá, H. Golová, A. Mončeková and V. Švihlík. There was a two-day delay in our departure because of a delayed return of the ordered bus from Italy and a hopeless hunt for the substitution.

Frits Hecker was a manager of the TBL for this year. For the first time, and probably the last time, we have managed to get in the both chambers of the Dutch parliament in Haag.

Alena Mončenková has got a story: "I stayed in Miriam's family; I can’t recall the family name. She was so kind and she was the favourite one of her students. She played volleyball professionally. Despite that fact my students showed her that they could be tough opponents on the playground. I remembered the shops with porcelain in Deft, cheese stuff at the fish market and the dinner in the old university student's canteen, the boat trip through Amsterdam, Night Watch...and I would never forget the ride on the historical bicycle in the open-air folk museum near Arnhem."

It was very exciting to have a tour in the sailor museum in Rotterdam, especially for us as landsmen. And during the last evening there was a delicious dinner and pleasant time in the house of R. Bukman. The Dutch group left Prague and arrived to Litoměřice on Wednesday May 3rd. On Thursday they spent time by sightseeing. First of all, on our programme there was the school, then the Litoměřice centre and Terezín town in the afternoon. They did sports as well. On Friday they visited Třebenice, Libochovice, Bílina and a cableway to Komáří vížka. There was a dinner in the Mostná hora restaurant for all hundred participants in the evening. On Saturday they made a trip to Ploskovice chateau, Hřensko, a boat trip in canyons, and they visited the Střekov castle. Afterwards, at 9 p.m. they headed back home to Oss.