August 29, 2010

Year, when the Euro was established. TBL students came to Prague again in April (21st -27th April) and Roel Bukman asked V. Švihlík for help with organizing of a visit of Terezín. The plan succeeded and V. Švihlík, Hana Golová and a few students helped with the visit of the memorial, the crematorium and the town itself. An evening dinner in the restaurant “U Draka” was arranged and a group of teachers from TBL (R. Bukman, M. Verhoeven, T. van Welie and K. de Bie) agreed on a future form of cooperation and the exchange of students, which began the next year. Our Dutch friends spent a part of their stay in Prague (every day travelling was not very practical) and the rest in their families in Litoměřice.