August 29, 2010

On 1st June GJJ left after a long break for a renewed exchange programme. The third year students were lead by J. Putnarová, E. Kišová, I. Holubová, H. Golová and V. Švihlík, their partners were Theo v. Welie, M.Verhoeven, Luise Bernink, Karin de Bie and Roel Bukman. Just for the information, it was the second visit of Iveta Holubová, but her first visit as a teacher… Since this year, we have been arriving directly to Oss. Belgium and Luxemburg have been left out. Since then we have been also sending photos by e-mails to each other and students could call each other by their mobile phones…. which was very interesting :).

A typical program for our students has been looking like this since then: one day at school and its neighbourhood (usually on Monday), lessons at school, a school visit and sport activities on an athletic field, bowling in the evening, one day in Haag together with Madurodam and Kinderdijk, a night visit of a swimming pool with artificial waves and slides, one day in Amsterdam and Rijksmuse and a voyage along Amsterdam channels. One day is given to the fight with the sea to see Delta works. All of the students look at the Neeltje Jans area and its system of barriers and dikes with astonishment. They can also admire local seals.

Our return to Oss was a little bit complicated by a defect of the cooling device, which was solved by an alternative bus. Two days before our arrival all the teachers were invited for delicious dinner by M. Verhoeven to his house. The Dutch group could also see terrible disasters of floods that happened in 2002 mainly in Terezín and Prague.