August 29, 2010

A bad year! Due to the breakdown of our bus in Germany, which was impossible to be repaired, we had to come back home and postpone our visit to September (20th - 25th September). But the weather was unkind to us. For the first time students have communicated with each other only by e-mails. Mr. Švihlík, Mrs. Golová, Mrs. Krupková, Mrs. Bálková and Mrs. Pecková, who was unable to join us in September, stayed the basic protagonists of the exchange programme in the Czech Rep. and on the other side TBL teachers Roel Bukman, Ilja Arts, Maria Venema, Michael Verhoeven and Theo van Welie.

The news for this year was a visit of the Hoge Veluwe National park (instead of Delta works). Students could ride on borrowed bikes and see unique nature, especially moor land, and two great museums - Biological museum and Kröller-Möller museum with collections of art and an outdoor exposition of sculptures from all over the world. Hopefully students could awake in themselves an interest in art also because of the great job of the guiders. So many Van Goghs could not be seen altogether elsewhere... By the way the staff in Rijksmuse thought that we were an art school because of the enthusiasm of our students.

The strongest cyclist team with Ilja Arts got wet and the rest of students got a little bit lost. Unfortunately, the stay of our friends was one day shorter, because they arrived on Easter Monday evening instead of on Sunday.