August 29, 2010

Both exchanges took place during April, GJJ went first to Oss, this time members of the team were Golová, Švihlík, Vojtíšková and two new faces – Kovandová, Vebrová, their counterparts were Loes, Henri, Nol, Marjolein and Natalie - the last two members also for the first time. Our programme in Oss was a classical one; we again went cycling 'Around Oss', the weather was surprisingly good.

TBL arrived in April too, two weeks after our return from Oss. But this time they came first to Prague and then to Litoměřice, and from there they went directly home. Therefore, some changes were necessary to be done in the programme. Tuesday excursion to the Czech Škoda Auto and the Czech Paradise remained in the programme, and for the first time in history, after the inspiration in Oss cyclobus up to the Czech Central Mountains was included into our programme. , on Wednesday a cycling trip "Giro di Litoměřice" using During the journey we visited Velké Březno brewery and Great Winery in Žernoseky. The whole trip took 50 km, and according to the students’ reactions, they enjoyed it very much. On Thursday, after return from the Terezín town, and the lunch, our friends left for Oss.