December 30, 2011

There are some small changes in the team of teachers – 40 students are accompanied by the experienced duo of Švihlík V., H. Golová, supplemented by K. Krupková, and for the first time Veronika Vaňková takes off for the Netherlands. Regarding the Dutch team of teachers, the line-up remains unchanged - N. v. Tiem, L. Gillen, Hv Bethlehem, N. de Lorijn and M. Kraayvanger.

The program in the Netherlands is as usual, the weather staying decent. But when the Dutch students stay in Litoměřice on Tuesday, the weather is so terrible that at the last moment a cycling trip across The Bohemian Mountains must be cancelled and replaced with a bus trip along the same route. The Dutch students like Ploskovice chateau, but what they like even more is spending money in the shopping centre in Ústí nad Labem. For the evening, an excursion to vineyards in Litoměřice, with wine tasting is planned and a visit to the microbrewery Labuť (Swan) is also on the program. The rest of the program in the Czech Republic is unchanged and the weather does not manage to spoil it.