December 30, 2013

This year a new director started at GJJ. The weather is very nice, for the first time in our experience in the Netherlands. Even though it is March, the sun shines all the time and not even a drop falls down. The team of teachers is (apart from V. Švihlík a H. Golová) enlarged by D. Kovandová and Veronika Lánská (another former student who now performs the role of teacher). There are no changes in the Dutch team of teachers: N. v. Tiem, L. Gillen, H. v Bethlehem, N. de Lorijn and M. Kraayvanger. Sadly this is the last visit of H. v Bethlehem due to commitments to other tasks. He is responsible for working on other new exchanges, because TBL is getting bigger and bigger, thanks to increased interest on the part of students. This year, students comprise 45 pairs.

A small change in the program waits for the Czech groups - a visit to the picturesque town Willemstadt on the way to Deltaworks, with prepared plans and tasks. The program in Litoměřice is unchanged - the weather cooperates so it is possible to go for a cycle trip, which is concluded by the piece de resistance known as Castle Strekov, where lunch is waiting.