August 28, 2010

Dear visitors, welcome to our web pages. We would like to introduce you to our student exchange programmes which are held between Titus Brandsma Lyceum Oss, Netherlands and Gymnazium Josefa Jungmanna in Litomeřice. The tradition of this programme is long and dates back to the past. All the participants (and there are not few of them!) have seen a great number of places of interest and sights. They have had an opportunity to experience the country from a very close distance. They lived in Dutch families, tried their specialities, learned about the local habits, improved languages. They practised not only English but also German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. They participated in the school lessons, celebrations, and discos. They did sport and made new friends.

What places have we already visited? Our Czech students and teachers are pretty familiar with places such as Oss, Hertogenbosch, Ravenstein, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Maastricht, Rotterdam and its great port, den Haag and its sights, Madurodam and Scheveningen, Naarden and places commemorating the stay of J. A. Komenský, Amsterdam with a boat trip on the canals, a visit to Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House. Other places, we have been to, are Delft, Tilburg, Antwerp, and the Hoge Weluwe National Park with a Kröller-Möller museum. As for our Dutch friends apart from Litoměřice they have visited Terezín, Úštěk, Třebenice and the local garnet museum, chateaus of Libochovice and Ploskovice, the Zubrnice open-air museum, glassworks in Nový Bor and Nižbor, Škoda Auto factory in Mladá Boleslav, the Litoměřice brewery, a vineyard in Žernoseky. They have also taken a boat trip in beautiful scenery of Hřensko and Pravčická Brána. They have been to Mělník, the Czech Paradise, Harrachov, Karlovy Vary, Most and local coal mining industry, water and thermal power plants. They could admire Liberec and Ještěd, Teplice, Děčín, the Koněprusy caves and other beauties of our country including Prague and its highlights.

And imagine all the changes that have come about. Some of the teachers retired, the students have grown up, and some of them even got married. Yes, there is a mixed marriage of Dutch and Czech. Other participants carried on with the exchange programmes as teachers.

We have got rid of tedious borders checks; we don’t need visa any more. Euro, the new currency, has been introduced. We are a member of European Union, NATO and Shengen Area. A digital age has come round.

As nobody is perfect and neither our memory is we ask you to be tolerant of possible inaccuracy. We will be grateful for any comments and corrections. Please let us know your name, a year of your participation, a name of your partner, your class-mates, friend’s teachers etc.

You can fill in a form Feedback, add some attachments and send. If you happen to have some information or documents such as letters, texts, pictures, photos related to the exchange programmes we ask you to send them to: Vladimír Švihlík, Svojsíkova 1, Litoměřice, 412 65, Czech Republic.

We promise we are going to update these pages and we will be happy to compile your memories. We would like to thank you in advance and we assure you we certainly will return your documents back if you wish. So far we are grateful to A. Mončeková, H. Trávníčková, M. Rietbergen, J. Černá, S. Gestenová-Žáková and H. Golová.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

Vladimír Švihlík, GJJ Litoměřice and Roel Bukman, TBL Oss